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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter Olympian

December 2, 2009
Andrew reached the milestone of being able to identify all his letters.
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Ryan Turns 10!

The yearly rocking chair picture.
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Madison Zoo

July 9, 2009

We had a fun time at the Madison Zoo with our friends, the Cliffs and the Voigts.

Top left: The Whole Gang -
Austin, Emma, Andrew, Caleb (front)
Ryan, and Steven (back)

Bottom left: The Moms -
Kristie, Jenny, and me

Click on the collage to view it larger, if you wish.
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A Hot Day for Baseball

June 2009
Aunt Karol was in town and gave the boys some instruction in baseball.
It was such a hot day, but they had fun.

(Click on the collage to see it bigger.)
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Steven Turns 12!

June 26, 2009

The yearly installment of the rocking chair picture.
This picture is always accompanied by the same stuffed animal,
but this year, Steven did not want that shot posted online.
So this is what you get...a young man in the rocking chair.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kids 4 Truth Fun

Here is a link to one of my friend's blogs: Melodrama. She has posted some really fun pictures from last night's Kids 4 Truth meeting. She works with the kiddos that are Andrew's age. Enjoy!
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Friday, June 12, 2009

My Mother's Day 2009

Top left picture: In the bright sunshine on our not quite finished deck.

We had a great day - Chris had picked up Cinnabon cinnamon rolls on Saturday, and fixed them for me (us) Sunday morning. Then we went to church. After that, we went for a bike ride at Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve. Following the bike ride, we had a casual dinner at TGI Fridays and then called it a day. I have a great family and enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day!

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Saying Good-Bye

On May 17, 2009, we said good-bye to the Sanchezes.
They will be going to live in Mexico for a time.
They are a very special couple and have been a wonderful

Sunday School teaching team.

Ryan with Art & Faith Sanchez, his Sunday School teachers

Ryan's class, being coached by Martina Kilburn, saying good-bye in Spanish.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Have a Deck!

After ten years of living in our house, we now have a deck.

Front Porch with Railings

Another View

Our Deck

My Boys on the Deck
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Classical Conversations Recitation and Awards Night

On March 31, 2009, Steven and Ryan participated in their Classical Conversations Recitation and Awards Night.

Mrs. Brown gave Ryan the "On the Money" award for being able to answer questions in class. Steven received the "Math Whiz" award from Mrs. Boeke for having a reputation with math timed tests. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Boeke came up with very catchy and appropriate awards for each of their students.

Essentials (Grammar and Writing):
Steven got a "Three Musketeers Bar" as an award from his Essentials B Tutor, Mrs. Metras. She tutored the older three students, so the three musketeers label fit the bill. Ryan received the "Constantly a Math Game Enthusiast: Vehemently Opposed to Skipping Math Game Time" award from his Essentials A tutor. His tutor tried to be creative and use "a lot" of vocabulary words in the awards she gave to her eight students.

Steven, along with each of his Foundations classmates, shared his Week 24 presentation with the audience. The topic of each of the presentations was the students' favorite part of Classical Conversations. It was a really fun night and a great way to end our CC year.

As you can see, the kids really bonded and formed solid friendships. Not to mention that a few of them are quite the hams!

Just a hint: If you click on the photo collage, you can see it bigger. I had someone point out that the pictures seem kind of small, so I wanted you all to know that you can make them bigger to view the photos in greater detail.

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Classical Conversations and Memory Masters

1 - Ryan drilling on Latin vocabulary
2 - Steven showing off a double C for Classical Conversations - more drilling. We spent a little over two weeks after our last CC class day putting the finishing touches on all 24 weeks of memory work. What a relief when we got to the proofing day.
3 - Steven with his tutor, Mrs. Metras, who is also the director of our CC program. At this point, he had passed the Memory Master Proof for me and for one other parent in the program. This was his last year in the foundations program, and thus his last chance to try for MM. This picture is the "before" shot.
4 - This is the "after" shot. He made it! Steven is a Memory Master!
5 - Drilling, drilling, drilling! Ryan didn't quite make it this year, but he has three more years to try.

Steven and Ryan both worked very hard this year. We are so proud of them both!

Just a hint: If you click on the photo collage, you can see it bigger. I had someone point out that the pictures seem kind of small, so I wanted you all to know that you can make them bigger to view the photos in greater detail.

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Congratulations to my cousins, Kelly (left) and Clara (right), for getting their braces off on Monday. They look fabulous!
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Andrew's Fifth Birthday Party

Yesterday, we had Andrew's fifth birthday party. He actually turned five two weeks ago, but due to various circumstances, we couldn't have his party until yesterday. This year, he knew something was up! He had the hardest time waiting for his party day to come. He wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake, but I wasn't up for that this year, so he had to settle for a plain ole chocolate cake with a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party. Steven and Ryan helped me with the decorating. We pulled out our bin of trains, and they went to work decorating a number of places around our living and dining rooms. I think they did a great job! Chris practiced with Andrew, so that he could show everyone that he is five now. He still likes to do his "pose," so he went back and forth between "the pose" and his five year old sign. The top left and bottom right pictures were taken while he was eating M&M's - so he's a little sticky.

1 - with Uncle Derek
2 - with More Grandma
3 - with Grandpa Mike
4 - with Grandpa Bill
5 - with Auntie Lisa, Jillian, and Uncle TJ
6 - with Grandma Nancy
7 - with Grandma Deb
8 - with More Grandpa

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Spring Break Trip to Milwaukee

Last week was Andrew's spring break, so we took advantage of the schedule change to take a short trip to Milwaukee to visit our friends, the Continos. We hadn't seen them since a very brief visit in December, so we were all very anxious to see them. We hit the road after a late dinner Sunday night and arrived around 11. The kids were so excited to see each other that it was kind of hard to settle everyone down. Unfortunately for the Contino children and older Hayes boys, school was still in session, but they buckled down and worked hard, so that they could maximize their free time together. The middle bottom pictures shows the "campfire" that Nick came up with. (He must have some of his mom's creativity!) My camera actually lit up the room really well, so you can't tell that they were in the dark. The boys told stories around the table during each meal, around the campfire, and any other time they had opportunity. They had such a good time. Andrew and Natalie seemed to have fun together too. Natalie was a good sport to hang out with Andrew during our whole visit. The moms you ask? We had a spectacular time as well. We are so thankful for our friends, the Continos. God has blessed us with a special friendship.

On Wednesday morning, we had to say the tough goodbyes as we struck out for Madison. It was time for Andrew's first check-up with his orthopedist in a year. The appointment went great. I am amazed that each time we go, I find out new things about clubfoot. Andrew looks so good, though, that Dr. Nemeth said that we don't have to come back for two years this time. Woohoo!

We capped off our Milwaukee/Madison trip with lunch at Noodles. Yummy!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew turned FIVE last Friday (March 13th). What a little man he has become!

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